Solstice Scents – Conjure Dark Eau de Parfum

Photo by smellallthethings

Conjure Dark is an Eau de Parfum spray made by Solstice Scents.

The notes for this blend are listed as:

Amber, Frankincense, Sweet Incense Smoke, Dried Rose Petals, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Woods, Oud, Vanilla

The first spray of this you get a strong vetiver that comes out initially.  It is almost sharp in its beginnings.  Slowly, as your body warms the blend, the vetiver slips back and becomes brown and earthy.  I happen to adore vetiver, though not everyone finds it appealing.

Dried rose petals are noticeable also at first.  They are deep, yet fragile in their scent, lending almost a paper-like quality to the blend which is enhanced, I believe, by the woods and sandalwood.  These roses were once red or purple in their color.

Soon the vanilla and sweet incense comes out to mingle with everything, lending a lifting quality to everything, giving it that sweet edge to soften the sharpness of the frankincense and vetiver.  The oud adds it’s own warmth into the mix.

This calls forth visions of summer night rituals, wafting cauldron smoke, and fervent invocations.  This blend is not soft, nor sweet and girly, but powerful and commanding.  It is dark, as the name suggests, and wafts around you.  The longevity on this blend is wonderful and lasting.  The throw is medium – it will proceed you at times, but not often, though it is not a skin scent.

One cannot deny the absolute quality of this blend.  It comes in a 60ml frosted glass bottle with beautiful artwork adorning it along with hand written name.

To see this blend, or others by Solstice Scents, please visit their website:

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