Nocturne Alchemy – Alyssum Champagne Crystalline

photo by smellallthethings

When the sun begins to shine, the clouds are sparse and white, the temperature begins to rise, and the sky is blue – there’s really only one thing to do and that is to break into your Spring scent collection.  Today, I pulled out Alyssum Champagne Crystalline by Nocturne Alchemy.

This beloved soft violet scent is part of their Bastet’s Garden collection, and rightly so.  The violets are soft and powdery, almost silky in their scent.  This is a lush scent, blooming and blossoming on the skin until it’s full potential is released and you truly feel as though you are standing in a beautiful garden, surrounded by these sweet and fragrant flowers sipping on a glass of bubbling champagne.  The crystalline is soft and just lends a base sweetness.  There is a feeling of being uplifted when wearing this scent.  One cannot sniff this and not smile, even a little (allergies not withstanding).

Crystalline is one of their Studio Limited scents and according to Nocturne Alchemy it is “A thick viscous Vanilla that comes on soft and subtle then creates a cacophony of a beautiful cloud of vanilla purity. It is not a food vanilla, but a vanilla that makes you feel at peace, tranquil and right with the world.

Personally, I tend to lean more towards musks, incense, resins and the like, but apparently I’m a violet girl at heart.

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