Solstice Scents Body Ganaché

photo by smellallthethings

Creamy, silky, smooth … and it smells awesome!  What more could you want from a body butter?

Solstice Scents makes a variety of bath and body products, each scented with something from their catalog.  The Body Ganaché is heavenly, I must admit.  I have horrible hands, calluses, dryness causing cracks and rough patches … I’ve tried so many things and so far this ganaché is TOP NOTCH!  It healed my hands in about two weeks to the point my kids no longer comment on how rough my hands are when I hold their hand.

On top of all the wonderful benefits of using it, it smells awesome!

On initial application of any of the scents you typically get a familiar blast of cocoa, since cocoa butter is used in the ganaché.  Worry not, though, that cocoa scent dissipates within a minute or so and you are left with the fragrant beauty in the scent you chose.  The formula goes on thick and a little can go a long way.  It takes a minute for it to absorb but once it does you’re left with silky smooth skin with a light fragrance that you can add to or layer different scents on top of.

Another benefit of wearing this ganaché is that it helps your oils last longer on your skin.  Dry and dehydrated skin tends to make the scent disappear quickly – to make it last, moisturize and drink lots of water.

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