Villainess Soaps – The Garden

I know it’s been a while since I reviewed anything, but life grabbed hold.  It still is, but I’m trying to find a bit of zen in the crazy and decided this would be a good choice.  I enjoy the process of finding new things!

photo by smellallthethings

Excited for another first!  This time it’s Villainess!  I admit I’ve hemmed and hawed over purchasing from them for years.  Also this is the perfect scent for me today as I’ve been working on my flower garden this morning.  And my dear Minh Scent might enjoy reading about this one!  The eye dropper is perfect for those of us that enjoy slathering scents!

Villainess describes The Garden as:

A tiny Eden blooming in a dark city. Sunwarmed earth and sweet green grass. Cucumber and tomato leaf, crisp apple, and a breath of old fashioned flowers.

In the bottle this is a blast of crisp green, beautiful and fresh, dew covered and glistening in the sun.  As it hits my skin the flowers bloom instantly, surrounding me with a fresh white fragrance.

This dries as the sun warms the grass – releasing the dew into the atmosphere and all the juicy greeness that goes with it.  The cucumber keeps that “dew” scent lasting long past when the grasses would be dry.  The apple is only there to lend a touch of sweetness and does not assert itself over the grass.  There is only a hint of tomato leaf, more so to add to the overall green feeling of the blend than as a star.

Once it comes to a full dry down, it is a fresh grass scent, with a hint of sweetness from the apple, a touch of tomato leaf, and a whiff of fresh white flowers on the breeze.

If you enjoy the scent of grass and greenery, then this scent is definitely for you!

Personally, I would like it if the flowers were a bit more prominent, but I’m curious to see how this one will age!

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