Cocoa Pink -Spring/Summer 2016

I’d ordered from Cocoa Pink for the first time two weeks before their new Spring/Summer Collection came out.  So, without any prior knowledge of how Cocoa Pink worked for me or with my skin chemistry, I ordered a few of the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection blindly.  Which also meant I didn’t order much.  Three little (actually big for samples) drams of perfume.

photo by smellallthethings

I’m starting this Cocoa Pink adventure with Peach SkiesSilky, smooth peach and apricot nectar kissed by the summer sun, golden honey, red poppies and spring violets sweetened with gentle strands of freshly spun pink cotton candy.  In the dram it smells like the most beautiful peach and apricot jam.  On my skin the violets come out to play and add a soft, silky feeling to the jam.  This is foodie, but not “turn my stomach” foodie.  It’s glorious, bright, and oh so beautiful.  It’s summer in a bottle.  This is so well blended I have a hard time really distinguishing the notes from the whole.  I think this blend would be wonderful in EDP form (and I’ve actually just put it in my cart on the site along with a 1o ml ).  A little goes a long way.  I had the barest drop on my skin, and while it is a close to the skin scent, I can smell it clearly.  This will be absolutely gorgeous in the summer!

Next I picked out Country Picnic and as you can tell by the notes (A basket of plump peaches, white wine, touches of night blooming orchid, bergamot cradled with sheer musk and the barest hint of a sweet garden pea) I have a thing for peaches too.  Orchid as well.  Maybe a musk thing.  Okay, okay … I have a thing for things that smell good … happy?  Sheesh.

Ooh this is another beautiful summer-time blend, but it’s different.  In the dram I get apple skin (if you’ve peeled an apple, you know how it smells different than the “meat” of the apple itself – if you haven’t I suggest you give it a try to get that scent memory).  On my skin however the apple skin scent is gone and the white wine, while dry, adds a touch of sweetness and the orchid is fragrant.  This is a Country Picnic alright, but one taking place at twilight.  There is a hint of coolness to the air that the setting sun brings while the last vestiges of of the sun’s warmth settles in for the night.  The night blooming flowers are just now starting to open which lends their scent to flow on the soft twilight breeze.  It’s a very evocative scent.  I love it a lot!  But … do I love it more than Peach Skies?  Hmm, perhaps I could layer Peach Skies EDP with Country Picnic roll-on oil.

Lastly we have Snow Kissed Rose with notes of: The scent of a long winter giving way to spring.  Fresh fallen powdery snow against velvety crimson rose petals, chilled vanilla and crisp air tinged with notes of juicy red apple. So the previous two have me all ready for summer, and here I am saving a snow blend for last.  BAH!  It’s supposed to snow here later this week and there was a dusting this morning and quite frankly I’m sick of it!

Also, I don’t tend to like snow blends as they sometimes overuse mint for that “cool” feel.  I get it, and I’m not sure how else they would do it, but I don’t tend to like strong mint so snow blends are iffy on me at best, but only because of my own personal preference.

In the dram Snow Kissed Rose smells like a powdery rose.  On my skin I get that weird apple skin scent – it could be that’s the only thing I can associate with that particular unknown scent.  As it dries I get a definite powder scent, like those old scented powders people used to wear (and still do to some extent).  It’s light, soft, powdery, and floral – not offensive, not strong and not quite a skin scent.  To me this seems like the perfect unobtrusive and neutral scent to wear.  Luckily for me there is no mint being used to denote the cool sensation of snow.  It’s actually not a cool feeling scent at all, rather it’s warm and fluffy.  Very interesting and I’m going to have to wear this a few times to really see how I’d like it.  If I was still working in an office environment and had to take many other people’s sensitivities into consideration this would be a scent I would choose without hesitation, I think.

Ah ha!  I know what it feels like … it’s classical.  Known by nearly everyone, loved by many, and it just gives that classic feel – timeless.

3 thoughts on “Cocoa Pink -Spring/Summer 2016

  1. What wonderful reviews! I ruled out Cocoa Pink (not sure why,,,too many indies already probably!), but after reading these reviews, I want to give them a try!

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    • I had done the same, for some unknown reason, about a year ago. I think I was worried they would be overly foodie as that was all I was seeing on the forums – turns out they might be foodie to some, but not too much that I can’t wear them!


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