Don’t Take My Word For It!

Everyone is unique, like a snowflake … your chemistry, your environment, your diet, your medications, your lifestyle … all these things come together to form a unique you.

No, this isn’t a pep talk about how awesome you are (you are awesome!), but a gentle reminder that seeking out other reviews for scents is a good thing!

Don’t take my word for it!

I’d hate for someone to see my review, expect the exact same experience and then become upset with me or the perfumery for not living up to someone’s expectations.  Not saying you specifically, but this is my segue into showcasing three lovely reviewers!

Zombiiesque – …because who needs brains to smell good??
So true!  Niki, my girl, is awesome and tells it like it is.  She is enthusiastic, sweet, kind, caring, and has a nose for some of the same scents and scent families that I enjoy.  We are constantly chatting back and forth about this or that favorite scent of the day!

PacificRedhead – An Indie Perfume + Makeup Blog
Who doesn’t like to smell AND look good?  This lovely lady has good taste, good reviews, and kick butt photos!

DeathScent – Exploring the weird & wonderful world of fragrance & funerals.
Have a penchant for the macabre?  This is your jam then!  This blog is filled with beautiful and thought-provoking articles while exploring the history behind why things are the way they are when it comes to death and the ritual people surround it in.

Do you have a review blog for scents that you’d like me to link to?  Then drop me a line!  I enjoy reading others reviews to find new and interesting things I wouldn’t necessarily find on my own.

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