Alkemia – Hexennacht Limited Edition

Recently Alkemia released Hexennacht – a limited edition release that will only be available until April 30th.  I, of course, got my hot little hands on a bottle.

photo by smellallthethings

Alkemia lists the notes for Hexennacht as:

Freshly turned spring earth, new grasses, and an incantation of thirty-seven incense elements that have been aged for thirteen lunar cycles.

So intriguing!  In the bottle this is a really familiar smelling men’s cologne.  Polo?  That association goes away pretty quickly as the fresh turned earth makes itself known.  Just sniffing the bottle still – not a drop on my skin, I get some familiar incenses as well – nag champa for sure, patchouli, something with a blue tint, and there’s almost a “rain” quality.

Okay, now for the skin test!  Oh wow.  This is morphing so quickly it’s hard to capture everything.  There is definitely a earthy dirt smell at the base with a bit of dew covered grasses.  Over that however, is where the dance begins.  The incense is wafting about as though it is pushed along by a breeze.  It shifts and twists and turns so you get a different incense at the forefront at each sniff.  I got a hint of something minty there for a moment.  The nag champa and patchouli aren’t as prominent but get their turn in the dance.

This is a wonderful late Spring early Summer evening scent.  It smells like the Earth.  It smells like the joy you have as a teenager being able to stay up late on a summer night and enjoy the grass, the earth, the stars, the bonfires, and the scents of everything around you.

Edited to add: My husband came down stairs and stood next to me and asked if that was the “new stuff”.  He says it smells like forests and pine.

Personally, this is one of the best “dirt” scents I’ve had the pleasure of sniffing.  I like that there’s no florals – just this beautiful wet dirt scent with the incense wafting around it.  I’m in a cloud of dirt and incense heaven!

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