30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 11 – Fabled Fragrances Titania

Titania was a character in a play by Shakespeare – A Midsummer’s Night Dream.  She was the queen of faeries in this particular play.  This is one of those names that you’ll see repeated throughout various companies – but I kind of like that because it gives you an insight into the creator’s and how they envision things.   One company’s Titania most likely will smell nothing like another’s, and that’s cool to me.

This particular interpretation of Titania is by Fabled Fragrances.  So far I’ve been pretty impressed with their make up and the other scent, Nereid, I’d tried from them so I’m looking forward to finding more things!

Titaniacarnation (synthetic), white grapefruit (natural), chypre (synthetic), green note (synthetic) labdanum (natural), rosewood (natural)

photo by smellallthethings

In the vial this is carnation, labdanum, and something green and slightly aquatic.  It’s interesting and alluring.  On my skin the grapefruit is there, almost bitter-sweet, but it’s not overwhelming.  The chypre isn’t your typical version of it – it’s something different, but intriguing.

This entire blend has a beautiful, earthy, and warm feeling around it.  You get a touch of spicy floral from the carnation, with that bright and juicy white grapefruit shining like the midday sun.  Woven through that is this green tinged chypre and a touch of labdanum.  And resting at the bottom is this gorgeous and soft rosewood.

As this dries I’m not finding it to have much of a throw, but I’m definitely drawn to the spot on my wrist.  I find myself wanting to sniff it again and again trying to decide how much I like this.  Because right now, in the drydown, this is alternating between being a very alluring and beautiful scent to this screeching floral that won’t settle down.

Alright, seems a few minutes to itself to fully dry down and it’s stopped being wishy-washy and decided to go with the first scent – that beautiful green floral chypre.  This is deep and intriguing.  It at once smells familiar, yet not at all.  More like a mash up of some of my favorite scents.  Man I wish this had a better throw on it because I am loving absolutely everything about this blend.  I could sit and huff my wrist all day long.

Well, it seems this needed time on my skin – or maybe it was fighting with my skin – but it finally started having a good throw to it.  Gentle, not too much, just enough to tease and remind me I am wearing this.

Hours later and it’s still there, not as strong on the skin but I’m still getting wafts now and again.  I have to admit, I’m kind of addicted to this scent.  There’s just something about it that just has me coming back to sniff some more.


30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 10 – BPAL’s Belle Vinu

Life can be distracting at times, hence the few days of no posting.  Oh well!

Another from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has been pulled from the proverbial hat.  I know everyone who is a fan of BPAL is waiting for the Halloweenies to drop, and I’m right there with you.  But for now, I’ll keep these idle hands busy with a bit of reviewing until then.

Belle VinuRed sandalwood, vanilla, rosewood, osmanthus, and white peach.

photo by smellallthethings

It’s no surprise that with such an extensive general catalog and an even large limited edition offering that some times scents are … missed.  They get lost in the shuffle of the world wide web.  And then, as though by fate, they are found again.  This is one of those scents for me.  For nearly two years I’ve been meaning to try this but something always takes me away from it (usually convincing myself I have enough peach scents – nonsense!).

I wish I could tell the age of the vial – but I’m going to hazard a guess it’s from the last two orders most likely and so less than 3 months aged, so lets see what it has to offer!

In the vial I get a deep rosewood with a hint of osmanthus resting over that.  On my skin the red sandalwood comes out and the flesh of the white peach reveals itself.  Wet this is warm and inviting, slightly floral, and just a touch sweet.  I like that it’s not overpoweringly sweet and that the woods and the osmanthus has the ability to truly shine without being overwhelmed.

As it dries I get lovely glimpses of the scent as it wafts a bit.  The throw isn’t strong, but just moving my wrist a bit allows the scent to float up to me.  There is a moment where the sandalwood and the rosewood seem to fight and become slightly bitter and the peach smells almost overly ripe.  That odd bitterness doesn’t seem to be waning either.

Okay, about 10 minutes later and it seems to have stopped being at odds with itself and settles into this softly woodsy scent with a hint of sweetness, some ripe peach flesh, and a touch of florals.

Unfortunately, this lasted all of an hour before it’s vanished from my skin.  To be fair, I put no lotion or other products on as I normally do to help longevity.  My skin like to eat scents and moisture.  So take that with a grain of salt.

Overall, however, barring that weird bitter phase, this is a very pretty, light, sweet but not too sweet blend.  Perfect for warmer days and sunshine.

30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 9 – October Rust by Deconstructing Eden

True confession time – I specifically chose this blend it was not by chance. I had to share the love. Also I’m writing this purely via my WordPress app on my phone to see how it goes.

photo by smellallthethings

I adore Deconstructing Eden. Their scent Burnt Flowers Fallen is in my top 5 perfumes, and October Rust is going to weedle it’s way onto that short list.

October RustCool rusting metal, the last of the maple leaves, black agarwood, crisp air, incense, bonfire smoke, blonde woods and dark amber.

At first this is strong iron, wet and cool, but it’s only prominent for the first 5 minutes before it floats to the background. What comes next is leaves and woods and a sweet incense.

To me this feels just like the beginning of winter, where the mornings and evenings are cool verging on cold and the days are warmer. But it’s a deceptive warmth. The sun is bright, but the wind comes in from the North and there’s that unmistakable bite of snow on the breeze.

There is also this incense. It’s sweet and familiar yet at the same time I can’t quite place it.

While the throw on this isn’t crazy, it just enough that you get tantalizing whiffs of it throughout the day.

At about 7 hours there is little left of the scent except that slightly smoky incense. It’s not as long lasting as some of their other scents but 7 hours is pretty good in my book. As someone who has scent commitment issues this is actually a good thing. It lasts long enough to get you through the day when you have more to worry about than needing to reapply, but it still allows you the freedom to apply something else when you get some you time without worrying if it will clash.

30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 8 – Madame Scodioli’s Oracle EDP

Not sure how many times I’ve mentioned it, but really I’m a sucker for a good EDP. Sometimes you just need to spray and go without having to worry about it.  I also really enjoy them for layering or adding depth or lightening heavy blends.  It’s so versatile.

Honestly, I’ve been eyeing Madame Scodioli’s for quite some time.  Something about their branding just pulls at me and there were several times I almost ordered a large bottle of Cloven blind.  But I didn’t.  I was good and got a few samples.  Today I’ve pulled from the box, Oracle with notes of fig, spices, and musk.

photo by smellallthethings

Keep in mind this is an Eau de Parfume, which means it is in perfumers alcohol and not an oil base.  So, it’s not suprisping that the first sniff has a bit of an alchol edge to it.  Under that is this almost juicy fresh fig scent.

On my skin, it immediately burns off the alcohol and I get a gorgeous throw of soft spices, warm musk, and that juicy fig.  I don’t even have to put my wrist to my nose to smell it, just sit here and wait for it to waft up to me.

At first this is a very bright scent, and not really what I was expecting.  Typically I prefer my scents to be a bit heavier and less effervescent.

It takes a while, about 30 minutes or so, but that bright and almost bubbly scent calms down and relaxes a bit.  Now it’s a sun warmed fig with a hint of spices and a touch of warm musk.  I still get some throw to it, and smell it as I move, but it’s not as strong a throw as it was when I first applied the scent.

This scent is … timeless.  Not old, not new, it just is.  It’s appealing, understated yet different enough to be unique.

Unfortunately I was making homemade pita bread today and washed off the scent.  Twice.  So … I don’t have a longevity report for this one, but I think it’s safe to say, it’s good.  I had it on for almost 2 hours before I started making bread, then again for another two hours while I was letting it rise.  Neither time did I feel the scent was in danger of drifting away.

30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 7 – HagRoot’s Book of Shadows

I’ve been stumbling on, pointed to, and just searching for new companies to try and HagRoot is one that popped up and I just had to try them.

photo by smellallthethings

Their TAT was fast, their site/scent descriptions nice, and their packaging was on point (as my picture can show – that’s what the samples came in.

There were so many scents that caught my eye, but I limited my initial order to just 5 samples.  I typically do that with any new company because you never know.  Though, I’ve yet to find a dud.

Book of ShadowsVanilla, Black Tea Leaves, Dirt, Guaiac Wood, Wormwood, Leather, Verbena, Juniper Berry, Pine, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Oak

Not sure if it’s my lack of muscle today (slept wrong) or these are some super tight vials, but I’m having a heck of a time opening it.  I ended up getting plyers, spilling a bit, but at least it smells wonderful!

There’s something berry-like in this but not what I normally associate with juniper berry scent.  Neat!  I definitely get the black tea, the woods, the oakmoss, and a touch of leather.  The leather is oiled, but soft, slightly black, but not that shiny black faux leather you sometimes get.  It’s a very … herbal blend, but not really?  This is very unique.

As it’s drying it keeps waffling between being soapy and being woodsy.  It’s teetering like it can’t make up it’s mind.

But oh my goodness – I have my windows open, it’s cool and slightly breezy with just a hint of rain on the air.  As the breeze flows across my wrist I get the most glorious earthy scent.  It’s the earth in its rawest form – dirty, green, woody, and moist (likely from the rain we’re about to get).

After a while I get something kind of spicy, but it’s still very much a nature scent.  This brings to mind a woodland cottage – just the serene peacefulness you can sometimes only get from being in the thick of nature.  It’s all there around you and the scent of it just permeates everything, from the wood of the cottage to the covers on your bed.  And that little hint of vanilla just kind of seals it all together.

The throw is mild – not strong but you can smell it sometimes.  The longevity is really nice so far – lasting up to about 4 hours.

I swear oakmoss is like my comfort scent or something, I don’t know what it is but if it has oakmoss, I want it.

30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 6 – Conjure Oils Bastet

First, let me apologize for skipping a few days there.  Life got busy … and fun.  Love museums!

So last week I got in more samples from Conjure Oils.  Their TAT is really long compared to some other companies, but really, I’m beginning to think it’s worth it.

photo by smellallthethings

From the hat (really, it’s a box, but that doesn’t sound as cool) I pulled Bastet.  Her notes consist of Egyptian red musk, catnip and warm amber.  Yes – catnip.  Kind of thankful I no longer have any cats because that could get awkward.

In the vial I get something green and nearly minty – which must be the catnip.  I must be part cat because it smells amazing!

On my skin this warms up nicely – still with that hint of green mintiness – but it’s not like peppermint or spearmint or anything like that.  It’s a unique mint.  Around that is this golden and very warm amber.  It’s not powdery at all, but soft and comforting.  And under all of that is this glorious musk rounding it all out and the redness of it gives it a sensual lilt.

Normally, I’m not a mint person.  It’s typically too sharp and feels like it’s boring into my nasal cavity.  But this catnip … it’s different.  Softer, almost sweet.  And that mint ‘edge’ doesn’t really last that long.

Nooo!  This is turning soapy!  That gives me the sads.  Oh, okay, that was weird.  That soapy stage lasted all of like a minute before it went back to that gloriously soft and comforting scent.

The throw on this blend is nice.  It’s soft, not overpowering, but you still get a sense of it without having to hunt around.  So far the longevity is promising, clocking in at over an hour and it’s not faded a bit.

A few hours later and the catnip is mostly gone and I’m left with a slightly powdery amber, golden and warm, and a touch of red musk that clings to the skin.  It’s a beautiful scent, calming and almost serene now.


30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 5 – Deep Midnight’s Prairie Gothic

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m so very excited for fall and all the scents that come with it.  I’ve already rearranged my bottle collection so that my “fall” scents are most accessible.  Add to that everyone is starting to release their fall/autumn/halloween collections and you have me sitting here like a kid in a candy store!

photo by smellallthethings

Just the other day I received my Deep Midnight fall collection sample sets in the mail and I’ve been itching to try them.  I may have cheated and not reached in my box-o-samples, but I still blindly chose from these … so that counts right?

Prairie Gothic is from their Haunted Inn‘s collection.

Prairie GothicAbsinthe, Anise, Amber, Soft Patchouli, Tumbleweed, Wet Concrete, and of course a healthy dose of mysterious spring water, along with a little touch of the Spirit Accord.

I think this is the first time I’ve been truly perplexed by the initial vial sniff.  It at once smelled familiar but also there is absolutely no way I can pick out what I’m smelling other than … petrichor.  So maybe it is the water and concrete?  That was a very unique sniff.

On my skin I get a large dose of anise.  It actually reminds me of my Chinese Five Spice I use when cooking.  Under that I get a splash of almost bitter absinthe and then the petrichor.  I get the sense of warm concrete cooled by a recent rain.  There’s almost something a touch desolate about this blend.

Honestly, had I been able to choose what went into this pack, I would not have picked Prairie Gothic because it’s so far removed from any of my typical (though rather large) range of scents.  And yet I can’t stop sniffing.

About 20 minutes into the dry down and it’s verging on soap.  A very clean, very beautiful smelling soap.

Now about an hour into it and it’s still rather soapy on my skin but the scent that wafts up is … different.  It’s warm, wet, and haunting.  This is so weird.  It’s like fog but warmer?  I know that doesn’t make sense.

Two hours in and its starting to fade.  The anise has gone, as has the absinthe.  I’m left with a light amber and watery scent with a touch of what, I assume, is the Spirit Accord.  Hopefully I run across her Spirit Accord in other blends as it is something quite beautiful.

30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 4 – Nereid by Fabled Fragrances

I’m so excited that chance has deemed I review another new-to-me perfume house!  I stumbled upon Fabled Fragrances when someone had linked to their eye shadow.  I was over the moon to see they had scents as well, so of course I had to try a bit of everything.  The eye shadow has been wonderful and now I get to try their scents!

photo by smellallthethings

Nereid fresh water (synthetic), sweet grass (synthetic), heather (synthetic), tuberose (natural), ocean water (synthetic), myrrh (natural)

In the vial it smells like water and greenness with a hint of florals.  On my skin the tuberose seems to take over and it’s almost overwhelming.  The throw on this is, already, fairly strong and I barely need to point my nose in its direction to get a good bead on the scent.

I very much prefer the scent that wafts up to me versus the one I find when I sniff closer to my skin.  It’s an extremely aquatic blend (yeah, duh for me) with soft bits of floral floating around and in and out.

Under everything is this golden myrrh scent, almost like the sun glinting on the water.  It’s warm and comforting – and it grounds this scent so it does not feel like it has no bottom.  The water isn’t salty despite ocean water being an ingredient.  This is fresh water to me, which is fine as I prefer fresh water scents over oceanic scents.

As this dries down I’m finding it to be quite a bit more musky than I think I’d expected (or that the wet stage had shown).  The sun has set on the horizon and the deep things in the ocean come out.

Hours later and this is still lingering, softly wafting around.  It went through a very brief soapy stage, but even that was a nice floral soap.  I get a soft musk, a touch of floral, and a heavy dollop of aquatics.  This is beautiful and almost haunting.

30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 3 – Twisted Wonderland – Hi! I’m Chucky! Wanna Play?

The owner of Twisted Wonderland Perfumery is a self-purported Horror Genre Fanatic.  So, it should come as no surprise that she crafted scents after Chucky and The Bride of Chucky.  Personally, those movies scared the crap out of me.  However, my fear of the movies aside, I’ll be brave and delve into this scent and see what’s the what.

photo by smellallthethings

This blend is part of a duo that can only be purchased with it’s counterpart (not reviewing today) Barbie, Eat Your Heart Out.

Hi! I’m Chucky!  Wanna Play?Dark spices, deadly candy apple, and hints of fire smoke.

Doesn’t sound to bad, eh?  Nothing like the knife-welding doll of horror. In the vial this is all spices and apples – deep, spicy, and sweet.  On my skin the smoke comes out, as though there is a fire somewhere close by and the smoke is creeping up the hallway to greet you.  It’s a tad unsettling.

As this dries the smoke and spices mix together – but that smoke … it’s not like a woodsmoke or a campfire smoke.  This is a dangerous smoke.  Rafters of a house on fire.  Things burning that shouldn’t burn, or that if they are burning you’re in some deep shi… trouble.  And under all of that is apple – tart like a Granny Smith variety and with that smoke I get the feeling it is being cooked inside its skin.

Okay, if you can’t tell there is definitely a creepy factor to this blend.  It’s not bad, it’s actually very good, but I can’t shake the association I keep having with it.  This may be silly, but I had to check the water heater downstairs to make sure the pilot light was lit and nothing odd was happening.  (This is why I can’t watch scary movies.)

This doesn’t waft as much as you think it would, but you don’t have to put nose to skin either to smell it.  While this isn’t my kind of scent (I’d always be worried the smoke was my house and not my perfume), I really dig the creepy factor and thought that was put into it.  Way to freak me out for nothing Twisted Wonderland!

Almost an hour later and the smoke has mostly dissipated and I’m left with that apple/spice scent and just a hint of smoke – as though its permeated the apple.  This is a scent I could totally feel myself wearing.  But that first hour of heavy smoke … I’ll have to think on it.

In the end I got about 6 hours of wear from this blend before it completely disappeared!

30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 2 – My Magnolia by The Porcelain Tub

I think I was on the IndieMakeupandMore subreddit when I saw someone mention The Porcelain Tub.  And since it was new to me, I had to get a sample pack.  As with all my samples, they kind of get tossed into a cool dark spot to relax after their travels and it is from this box I pulled My Magnolia.

My MagnoliaLime, Magnolia, Gardenia, Vanilla, Sandalwood 

photo by smellallthethings

In the vial I get a sweet gardenia scent backed by a touch of bright and citrus-y lime and a touch of vanilla.  It smells clean, fresh, and vibrant.  As soon as it touches my skin that sandalwood comes out and warms up immediately.  It gives a soft golden and slightly woody feel to the overall blend.

The magnolia’s are in full bloom, heady but not in your face about it.  Normally gardenia likes to scream on my skin, but here it seems to be tempered by either the vanilla or the sandalwood (as they both are wrapped around the gardenia).  And over all of this you get a perky and zesty lime scent.

This blend reminds me of spring heading to summer with the sun high in the skin and golden.  There are blooms everywhere and the sky is scented with each breath.

I’m finding this to be soft and very much a skin scent.  There is little to no throw on this, but maybe that’s the allure?  Something like that, I’m sure because even without sniffing I can perfectly bring up the scent memory of this blend and it matches exactly when I smell the spot.

For some reason I am finding this scent to be almost familiar, but I’m quite certain I have nothing in my current collection like it.  Either way, familiar or not, this blend makes me smile.  Unfortunately, I’m not finding the scent to be very long lasting.

If the other blends are as gorgeous as this one is, I may forgive the longevity or even use them in oil warmers.