30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 3 – Twisted Wonderland – Hi! I’m Chucky! Wanna Play?

The owner of Twisted Wonderland Perfumery is a self-purported Horror Genre Fanatic.  So, it should come as no surprise that she crafted scents after Chucky and The Bride of Chucky.  Personally, those movies scared the crap out of me.  However, my fear of the movies aside, I’ll be brave and delve into this scent and see what’s the what.

photo by smellallthethings

This blend is part of a duo that can only be purchased with it’s counterpart (not reviewing today) Barbie, Eat Your Heart Out.

Hi! I’m Chucky!  Wanna Play?Dark spices, deadly candy apple, and hints of fire smoke.

Doesn’t sound to bad, eh?  Nothing like the knife-welding doll of horror. In the vial this is all spices and apples – deep, spicy, and sweet.  On my skin the smoke comes out, as though there is a fire somewhere close by and the smoke is creeping up the hallway to greet you.  It’s a tad unsettling.

As this dries the smoke and spices mix together – but that smoke … it’s not like a woodsmoke or a campfire smoke.  This is a dangerous smoke.  Rafters of a house on fire.  Things burning that shouldn’t burn, or that if they are burning you’re in some deep shi… trouble.  And under all of that is apple – tart like a Granny Smith variety and with that smoke I get the feeling it is being cooked inside its skin.

Okay, if you can’t tell there is definitely a creepy factor to this blend.  It’s not bad, it’s actually very good, but I can’t shake the association I keep having with it.  This may be silly, but I had to check the water heater downstairs to make sure the pilot light was lit and nothing odd was happening.  (This is why I can’t watch scary movies.)

This doesn’t waft as much as you think it would, but you don’t have to put nose to skin either to smell it.  While this isn’t my kind of scent (I’d always be worried the smoke was my house and not my perfume), I really dig the creepy factor and thought that was put into it.  Way to freak me out for nothing Twisted Wonderland!

Almost an hour later and the smoke has mostly dissipated and I’m left with that apple/spice scent and just a hint of smoke – as though its permeated the apple.  This is a scent I could totally feel myself wearing.  But that first hour of heavy smoke … I’ll have to think on it.

In the end I got about 6 hours of wear from this blend before it completely disappeared!

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