30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 12 – Alkemia’s Ishq

So I approached today’s scent a little differently in that … I slathered and ran out the door.  I had to.  Errands don’t run themselves (yet).  While running my errands, I made mental notes of how this particular scent

Today I grabbed Alkemia‘s Ishq which was created to help TapRoots music by being a perk of donating.

Ishqdark oud, opium infused tobacco, smoked black amber, Arabian ambergris, a rare animalistic dark musk, and heavy bakhour incense.

photo by smellallthethings

There is no doubt at all when smelling this that it has that super funky oudh, or that it’s musk is dark.  You get a real funky scent coming from the wet stages – it’s animalic, dark, and just plain weird, to be quite honest.

The throw, while wet and drying, was kind of intense.  I found the scent followed me everywhere, which was very interesting because I got to smell it while it shifted and morphed and settled into this warm, golden, and kind of funky scent.

I’ll be honest, that funky animalistic scent never really went away.  It stayed, though it never really got to be too much.  Nothing about this scent was ever really too much – it was just skirting the edge of too funky, too animal-like, too musky, but it never crossed that line.  Instead it toed it and left me rather enjoying the overall scent and it’s phases.

A few hours later, when all my errands had been accomplished, the scent only wafted lazily, barely having the energy to make itself known.  On my skin it was musky, a touch golden from the oudh, and slightly narcotic from the opium.  And then, for as loud as it started, it just … faded away.

I really enjoyed experiencing this blend.  You can feel the thickness of the blend, like molasses (not the oil, just the scent perception).  Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s something I could wear very often, but this sample will most definitely be kept around when I need an extra oomph of oudh.

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