30 Scents in 30 Days – Blackburn’s Parlor by Solstice Scents

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Solstice Scents.  With most anticipated Fall release out the door, many, like me, are receiving their much awaited packages.  There were many things I wanted that I passed on in favor of others, but one thing I couldn’t pass up was Blackburn’s Parlor.  Just the image alone was enough to make me salivate and I’ve been to enough old time ice cream parlor’s to know the scent well.

Also, don’t be alarmed if you visit the site and find you cannot purchase anything – they are on vacation and will be back November 1st at 6pm EST.  If you simply cannot wait until then, by all means check out The Rhinestone Housewife (psst – internationals.  TRH can ship EDP’s internationally!).

photo by smellallthethings

Blackburn’s ParlorVanilla Waffle Bowl, Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Creams, Banana, Caramel, Whipped Cream

I’m not even going to lie – I am a little nervous about this scent.  Really all I want from it is vanilla waffle bowl, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and a touch of caramel.  We’ll see what my skin decides to do with the chocolate and banana.

In the vial I get a blast of chocolate a la Black Forest – that rich and decadent dark chocolate note with a bit of a cake-like aspect to it.  On my skin that chocolate calms right down and now an almost smoky caramel scent comes out.  Oddly enough, I’m getting next to no banana.  Maybe there’s a little hint of it in there somewhere, but I can’t pull it apart from any thing else.  Eventually that smokiness from the caramel recedes and I start getting a sweet waffle cone type scent – slightly softened from the melting ice cream.  And it’s not even headed to the dry down stage yet!

Into the dry down I now get that bakery scent from the vanilla waffle cones.  This is much warmer than you would expect from something with “ice cream” in the name.  However, I find the scent on my skin to be all but gone.  Which would be sad except for the fact that it is still wafting around me beautifully despite that fact.  I catch whiffs of soft vanilla and toasty waffle cones, a hint of smooth and creamy caramel, with a lovely dollop of whipped cream and a touch of chocolate.

I really like it!  Except now I’m hungry. Also … I have an EDP to test too!!!


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