Love by Arcana

Best way to get back to something is to just jump right in, right?  Sure it is!  So, as I’ve mentioned I had some issues with changes in medication and I was trying to figure out just how the changes had effected me and my chemistry.  Well, the good news is that most if not all of my favorite blends got BETTER.  Didn’t think that was possible but there ya go.  So far there’s only been one or two blends where I just … I couldn’t take it but they had been on the fence for me anyway so it was no love lost.

photo by smellallthethings

Speaking of love …

For my birthday coming up, I placed a small order with Arcana.  I saw a few reviews on Reddit’s IndieMakeupandMore subreddit and just couldn’t pass them up.  Of course, after hitting “buy” I am second guessing myself and wondering if I shouldn’t have tossed Love into my cart.

I guess I’ll find out today if I need to place another order.

Love – A breathtaking vanilla accord is accompanied by fresh cream, sugarcane, soft musk, and a pinch of tea leaves.

In the vial this is a blast of sweet cream.  Like the mixture for my Great-Aunt May’s Sweet Cream Pie before it gets cooked.  But there’s something sharp on top of it, like a bright citrus or something … maybe the tea leaves?  It’s odd but not off-putting so to the skin it goes!

Wet on my skin this is like a buttery crust of some kind.  Like a puffed pastry that’s only lightly sweetened.  This is way more foodie than I think I was expecting.

As this dries down that bakery smell is not going away.  I find this quite amusing.  But I’m fairly certain my skin is turning the fresh cream from something delightfully soft and flowing into something approaching curdled – but not quite there yet.

I find I am having a very hard time putting what I’m smelling together with the notes as listed.  They just don’t seem to be jiving.  I’m getting pastries, but the notes don’t add to pastry in my mind.  I’ve got a friend who is a gourmand queen (you know who you are) and I may let her have a go at this to see if it’s just me and my weirdo chemistry or if I’m totally reading the scent wrong.

In the end I had to scrub this off.  It became a cloying sweet pastry that was making my teeth ache.

Ah the fun and joy of experimentation!!


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