30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 10 – BPAL’s Belle Vinu

Life can be distracting at times, hence the few days of no posting.  Oh well!

Another from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has been pulled from the proverbial hat.  I know everyone who is a fan of BPAL is waiting for the Halloweenies to drop, and I’m right there with you.  But for now, I’ll keep these idle hands busy with a bit of reviewing until then.

Belle VinuRed sandalwood, vanilla, rosewood, osmanthus, and white peach.

photo by smellallthethings

It’s no surprise that with such an extensive general catalog and an even large limited edition offering that some times scents are … missed.  They get lost in the shuffle of the world wide web.  And then, as though by fate, they are found again.  This is one of those scents for me.  For nearly two years I’ve been meaning to try this but something always takes me away from it (usually convincing myself I have enough peach scents – nonsense!).

I wish I could tell the age of the vial – but I’m going to hazard a guess it’s from the last two orders most likely and so less than 3 months aged, so lets see what it has to offer!

In the vial I get a deep rosewood with a hint of osmanthus resting over that.  On my skin the red sandalwood comes out and the flesh of the white peach reveals itself.  Wet this is warm and inviting, slightly floral, and just a touch sweet.  I like that it’s not overpoweringly sweet and that the woods and the osmanthus has the ability to truly shine without being overwhelmed.

As it dries I get lovely glimpses of the scent as it wafts a bit.  The throw isn’t strong, but just moving my wrist a bit allows the scent to float up to me.  There is a moment where the sandalwood and the rosewood seem to fight and become slightly bitter and the peach smells almost overly ripe.  That odd bitterness doesn’t seem to be waning either.

Okay, about 10 minutes later and it seems to have stopped being at odds with itself and settles into this softly woodsy scent with a hint of sweetness, some ripe peach flesh, and a touch of florals.

Unfortunately, this lasted all of an hour before it’s vanished from my skin.  To be fair, I put no lotion or other products on as I normally do to help longevity.  My skin like to eat scents and moisture.  So take that with a grain of salt.

Overall, however, barring that weird bitter phase, this is a very pretty, light, sweet but not too sweet blend.  Perfect for warmer days and sunshine.

30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 1 – BPAL Zombi

So I have a lot of samples.  I’d estimate over 100 right now.  To say I’m slightly overwhelmed by this would be something of an understatement.  Hence the bright idea of 30 scents in 30 days!  I just stick my hand in the box and blindly pick out a scent.  The idea of it actually has me a tad giddy!

First day we start with a house I’ve not reviewed here yet even though it was my first company I delved into – Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.  The reason I don’t really review them?  They have a wonderful forum full of review page after review page and I didn’t feel the need to really add on unnecessarily when there’s such a comprehensive review system in place.  However, they are a favorite of mine – I have lots of samples of things I keep meaning to test and so it’s in my testing box and fair game for this little challenge of mine!

photo by smellallthethings

ZombiDried roses, rose leaf, Spanish moss, oakmoss and deep brown earth.

My initial sniff from the vial is deep, moist earth – brown and fertile, perfect for worms.  On my skin the moss and oakmoss come out and give it some greenness along with that rose leaf.  I now have a rose bush in my yard and so I can say with confidence that this rose leaf is so very, very true to life.  The rose leaf doesn’t hold much of an actual rose scent in it, but when you rub it you get a softer greenness from the leaf than you would from something like a blade of grass. So, I kind of hope I’m not the only one that finds things like rose leaves and sniffs them to compare to perfume notes.  But if I am, oh well!  I just find it fascinating!

Over everything you get those dried roses, crunchy and yet somehow they still retain a trace of the fragrance they had in life.

The earthiness is strong and at times almost overpowering all the other scents.  This is more like being in a forest and over-turning a moss covered rock.  Your senses are immediately assaulted with the musky earth that hasn’t seen the light of day in who knows how long.  On your fingers you get a touch of the mossy scent from disturbing it.  Over everything there is this soft, dry floral fluttering about.

After the wet stage, and after that drydown phase where it’s still wondering what it wants to be, you get to the full dry down, where the scent has warmed on your skin and melded with your own personal scent and it does what it will do – and I love it.

On my skin it is this softly brown scent, earthy and musky.  Over that is that luscious green scent that can only be oakmoss.  It gives it a cologne feel, but I love it.  And over all of that is this gorgeous and soft rose scent.  It is brown, green, and pink all wrapped into one.  This does not overpower as the dry down did.  If I could just go from wet to this glorious scent I would be all over it.  Perhaps setting this one back to do a bit of aging will do it some good.

The throw on this blend is fleeting – sometimes it comes to greet you, other times I find I have to sniff around the spot I put it to really get a sense of the blend.  When it does choose to waft around it’s mostly a mossy scent with a hint of floral, whereas on my skin I get more of that earthiness.  Overall though I’m quite happy with this scent and it will most likely be added to my “eventually get a full bottle” list.  For now I’ll enjoy this little sample.