30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 11 – Fabled Fragrances Titania

Titania was a character in a play by Shakespeare – A Midsummer’s Night Dream.  She was the queen of faeries in this particular play.  This is one of those names that you’ll see repeated throughout various companies – but I kind of like that because it gives you an insight into the creator’s and how they envision things.   One company’s Titania most likely will smell nothing like another’s, and that’s cool to me.

This particular interpretation of Titania is by Fabled Fragrances.  So far I’ve been pretty impressed with their make up and the other scent, Nereid, I’d tried from them so I’m looking forward to finding more things!

Titaniacarnation (synthetic), white grapefruit (natural), chypre (synthetic), green note (synthetic) labdanum (natural), rosewood (natural)

photo by smellallthethings

In the vial this is carnation, labdanum, and something green and slightly aquatic.  It’s interesting and alluring.  On my skin the grapefruit is there, almost bitter-sweet, but it’s not overwhelming.  The chypre isn’t your typical version of it – it’s something different, but intriguing.

This entire blend has a beautiful, earthy, and warm feeling around it.  You get a touch of spicy floral from the carnation, with that bright and juicy white grapefruit shining like the midday sun.  Woven through that is this green tinged chypre and a touch of labdanum.  And resting at the bottom is this gorgeous and soft rosewood.

As this dries I’m not finding it to have much of a throw, but I’m definitely drawn to the spot on my wrist.  I find myself wanting to sniff it again and again trying to decide how much I like this.  Because right now, in the drydown, this is alternating between being a very alluring and beautiful scent to this screeching floral that won’t settle down.

Alright, seems a few minutes to itself to fully dry down and it’s stopped being wishy-washy and decided to go with the first scent – that beautiful green floral chypre.  This is deep and intriguing.  It at once smells familiar, yet not at all.  More like a mash up of some of my favorite scents.  Man I wish this had a better throw on it because I am loving absolutely everything about this blend.  I could sit and huff my wrist all day long.

Well, it seems this needed time on my skin – or maybe it was fighting with my skin – but it finally started having a good throw to it.  Gentle, not too much, just enough to tease and remind me I am wearing this.

Hours later and it’s still there, not as strong on the skin but I’m still getting wafts now and again.  I have to admit, I’m kind of addicted to this scent.  There’s just something about it that just has me coming back to sniff some more.


30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 4 – Nereid by Fabled Fragrances

I’m so excited that chance has deemed I review another new-to-me perfume house!  I stumbled upon Fabled Fragrances when someone had linked to their eye shadow.  I was over the moon to see they had scents as well, so of course I had to try a bit of everything.  The eye shadow has been wonderful and now I get to try their scents!

photo by smellallthethings

Nereid fresh water (synthetic), sweet grass (synthetic), heather (synthetic), tuberose (natural), ocean water (synthetic), myrrh (natural)

In the vial it smells like water and greenness with a hint of florals.  On my skin the tuberose seems to take over and it’s almost overwhelming.  The throw on this is, already, fairly strong and I barely need to point my nose in its direction to get a good bead on the scent.

I very much prefer the scent that wafts up to me versus the one I find when I sniff closer to my skin.  It’s an extremely aquatic blend (yeah, duh for me) with soft bits of floral floating around and in and out.

Under everything is this golden myrrh scent, almost like the sun glinting on the water.  It’s warm and comforting – and it grounds this scent so it does not feel like it has no bottom.  The water isn’t salty despite ocean water being an ingredient.  This is fresh water to me, which is fine as I prefer fresh water scents over oceanic scents.

As this dries down I’m finding it to be quite a bit more musky than I think I’d expected (or that the wet stage had shown).  The sun has set on the horizon and the deep things in the ocean come out.

Hours later and this is still lingering, softly wafting around.  It went through a very brief soapy stage, but even that was a nice floral soap.  I get a soft musk, a touch of floral, and a heavy dollop of aquatics.  This is beautiful and almost haunting.