30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 8 – Madame Scodioli’s Oracle EDP

Not sure how many times I’ve mentioned it, but really I’m a sucker for a good EDP. Sometimes you just need to spray and go without having to worry about it.  I also really enjoy them for layering or adding depth or lightening heavy blends.  It’s so versatile.

Honestly, I’ve been eyeing Madame Scodioli’s for quite some time.  Something about their branding just pulls at me and there were several times I almost ordered a large bottle of Cloven blind.  But I didn’t.  I was good and got a few samples.  Today I’ve pulled from the box, Oracle with notes of fig, spices, and musk.

photo by smellallthethings

Keep in mind this is an Eau de Parfume, which means it is in perfumers alcohol and not an oil base.  So, it’s not suprisping that the first sniff has a bit of an alchol edge to it.  Under that is this almost juicy fresh fig scent.

On my skin, it immediately burns off the alcohol and I get a gorgeous throw of soft spices, warm musk, and that juicy fig.  I don’t even have to put my wrist to my nose to smell it, just sit here and wait for it to waft up to me.

At first this is a very bright scent, and not really what I was expecting.  Typically I prefer my scents to be a bit heavier and less effervescent.

It takes a while, about 30 minutes or so, but that bright and almost bubbly scent calms down and relaxes a bit.  Now it’s a sun warmed fig with a hint of spices and a touch of warm musk.  I still get some throw to it, and smell it as I move, but it’s not as strong a throw as it was when I first applied the scent.

This scent is … timeless.  Not old, not new, it just is.  It’s appealing, understated yet different enough to be unique.

Unfortunately I was making homemade pita bread today and washed off the scent.  Twice.  So … I don’t have a longevity report for this one, but I think it’s safe to say, it’s good.  I had it on for almost 2 hours before I started making bread, then again for another two hours while I was letting it rise.  Neither time did I feel the scent was in danger of drifting away.