30 Scents in 30 Days – Day 2 – My Magnolia by The Porcelain Tub

I think I was on the IndieMakeupandMore subreddit when I saw someone mention The Porcelain Tub.  And since it was new to me, I had to get a sample pack.  As with all my samples, they kind of get tossed into a cool dark spot to relax after their travels and it is from this box I pulled My Magnolia.

My MagnoliaLime, Magnolia, Gardenia, Vanilla, Sandalwood 

photo by smellallthethings

In the vial I get a sweet gardenia scent backed by a touch of bright and citrus-y lime and a touch of vanilla.  It smells clean, fresh, and vibrant.  As soon as it touches my skin that sandalwood comes out and warms up immediately.  It gives a soft golden and slightly woody feel to the overall blend.

The magnolia’s are in full bloom, heady but not in your face about it.  Normally gardenia likes to scream on my skin, but here it seems to be tempered by either the vanilla or the sandalwood (as they both are wrapped around the gardenia).  And over all of this you get a perky and zesty lime scent.

This blend reminds me of spring heading to summer with the sun high in the skin and golden.  There are blooms everywhere and the sky is scented with each breath.

I’m finding this to be soft and very much a skin scent.  There is little to no throw on this, but maybe that’s the allure?  Something like that, I’m sure because even without sniffing I can perfectly bring up the scent memory of this blend and it matches exactly when I smell the spot.

For some reason I am finding this scent to be almost familiar, but I’m quite certain I have nothing in my current collection like it.  Either way, familiar or not, this blend makes me smile.  Unfortunately, I’m not finding the scent to be very long lasting.

If the other blends are as gorgeous as this one is, I may forgive the longevity or even use them in oil warmers.